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Alexandre Brillant



- XPath Tester
- Less to CSS Converter
- JavaScript, JSON, XML tester updated
- QR Code Generator
- Lorem Ipsum Generator


Hexadecimal to decimal converter

Convert integer to hexadecimal or convert hexadecimal to integer

RGB color converter

Convert RGB values from integer to hexadecimal

Less to CSS converter online

Convert LESS to CSS

Base64 encoding/decoder online

Encode or decode a Base64 text

URL encoder/decoder online

Encode or decode URL parameters

CSS formatter online

Format CSS

JSON formatter online

Format JSon

SQL formatter online

Format SQL

XML formatter online

Format XML

Lorem Ipsum generator online

Generate lorem ipsum

QR Code generator online

Generate a QR Code

Password Generator

Generate a password

CSS minifier online

Minify CSS

JSON minifier online

Minify JSON

SQL minifier online

Minify SQL

XML minifier online

Minify XML

MD5 Digest generator online

Generate MD5 Digest

JavaScript checker online

Test your JavaScript

JSON checker online

Test your JSON

Regular Expression checker online

Test your regular expression

XML checker online

Test your XML

XPath checker online

Test your xpath expression