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This site web is a set of free online tools for helping development.

When using a tool, your data are secured because they don't transit on a network. All the job is made locally in your browser.

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Alexandre Brillant



- HTML formatter
- HTML tags glossary
- CSV to XML Converter
- XPath Tester
- Less to CSS Converter
- JavaScript, JSON, XML tester updated
- QR Code Generator
- Lorem Ipsum Generator


Hexadecimal to decimal converter online

Convert integer to hexadecimal or convert hexadecimal to integer


  • Convert easily until three decimal values to hexadecimal
  • Convert easily until three hexadecimal values to decimal
  • Useful for RGB conversion

RGB color converter online

Convert RGB values from integer to hexadecimal


  • Convert hexadecimal RGB Values to decimal values
  • Display your color

Less to CSS converter online

Convert LESS to CSS


  • Convert your LESS format to CSS
  • Easy copy/paste for usage

CSV to XML converter online

Convert CSV to XML


  • Convert your CSV document to XML
  • Can use the first line for columns name
  • Unescape column values

Base64 encoding/decoder online

Encode or decode a Base64 text


  • Encode your message to Base64 content
  • Decode your Base64 content to message
  • Easy copy/paste for usage

URL encoder/decoder online

Encode or decode URL parameters


  • Encode your text for URL parameters usage
  • Decode your URL parameters to text

CSS formatter online

Format CSS


  • Indent your CSS for readibility
  • Easy copy/paste for usage

JSON formatter online

Format JSon


  • Indent your JSON for readibility
  • Easy copy/paste for usage

SQL formatter online

Format SQL


  • Indent your SQL queries for readibility
  • Easy copy/paste for usage

XML formatter online

Format XML


  • Indent your XML document for readibility
  • Easy copy/paste for usage

HTML formatter online

Format HTML


  • Indent your HTML document for readibility
  • Easy copy/paste for usage

Lorem Ipsum generator online

Generate lorem ipsum


  • Generate Lorem Ipsum sequence for paragraphs
  • Generate Lorem Ipsum sequence for line
  • Adjust quantity

QR Code generator online

Generate a QR Code


  • Generate QR code for URL
  • Generate QR code for text

Password Generator online

Generate a password

  • Generate solid / strong passwords for your internet usage
  • Choose password length
  • Choose having Letters, Numbers, Punctuations

CSS minifier online

Minify CSS


  • Optimize your bandwidth
  • Obfuscate your CSS

JSON minifier online

Minify JSON


  • Optimize your bandwidth
  • Obfuscate your JSON message

SQL minifier online

Minify SQL


  • Reduce your SQL Database scanning
  • Optimize space for your stored procedures

XML minifier online

Minify XML


  • Optimize your bandwidth
  • Help your XML parser to work faster
  • Obfuscate your XML

MD5 Digest generator online

Generate MD5 Digest


  • Generate a standard MD5 digest
  • This is a not a crypter

JavaScript checker online

Test your JavaScript


  • JavaScript Syntax Coloration
  • JavaScript Real time syntax error
  • Test your JavaScript everywhere

JSON checker online

Test your JSON


  • JSON Syntax Coloration
  • JSON Real time Syntax error
  • Test your JSON everywhere

Regular Expression checker online

Test your regular expression


  • Test a regular expression easily
  • Case-insensitive option
  • Global match option
  • Replace by a group

XML checker online

Test your XML


  • XML Syntax Coloration
  • XML Real time Syntax error
  • Parse your XML for testing

XPath checker online

Test your xpath expression


  • Evaluate XPath for numbers
  • Evaluate XPath for booleans
  • Evaluate XPath for strings
  • Evaluate XPath for nodes